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21. Sep 2019 1.1009 1.2480 0.0093 1.0091 0.7541 0.6769 0.6259 0.1031 0.1475 0.1104
20. Sep 2019 1.1019 1.2480 0.0093 1.0093 0.7540 0.6768 0.6259 0.1031 0.1475 0.1105
19. Sep 2019 1.1044 1.2524 0.0093 1.0073 0.7543 0.6795 0.6299 0.1032 0.1479 0.1114
18. Sep 2019 1.1031 1.2475 0.0092 1.0031 0.7524 0.6829 0.6321 0.1029 0.1477 0.1118
17. Sep 2019 1.1072 1.2502 0.0093 1.0072 0.7550 0.6865 0.6361 0.1034 0.1483 0.1120

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Exchange rates in the Forex Market - daily refresh

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Liberty Braves: Looking Even Better Thanks to a Strong 2018 Campaign

18. Sep 2018 19:06:00 |

The Atlanta Braves look to be playoff-bound in 2018, while demand for space in The Battery Atlanta has been strong. Both factors should unlock more upside for Liberty Braves stock.

Nike’s Stock Surges Along With Support for Kaepernick Ad

18. Sep 2018 22:40:00 |

The youth is standing behind Nike and its decision to place Colin Kaepernick as the face of their "Just Do It" campaign. And that support is translating to dollars. Not only has the company's sales increased, but also, its stock has closed at an all-time high.

Microsoft Increases Its Dividend -- What You Need to Know

19. Sep 2018 17:51:00 |

Microsoft's latest dividend increase marks an acceleration in the payout's annual growth rate.

Weed Stock Tilray Gains 94% Then Loses It All in Minutes

20. Sep 2018 02:22:54 |

Sep.19 -- For U.S. marijuana company Tilray, it was double - then nothing. The stock rocketed 94% on CEO Brendan Kennedy's comments, only to see all that gain go up in smoke less than an hour later. Ramy Inocencio explains the highs, lows and last-minute 40% rebound on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia."

Why the Bears Are Wrong About iQiyi Stock

20. Sep 2018 10:00:00 |

iQiyi isn't a safe stock, but the upside outweighs the risk.

Better Buy: Align Technology, Inc. vs. Danaher Corporation

20. Sep 2018 10:31:00 |

Which stock wins in a one-on-one matchup between these two healthcare leaders?

Credit cards: interest rates hit a record high

21. Sep 2019 06:00:25 |

Customers who don’t pay off their bill in full each month face an average charge of 24.7% this monthInterest rates may have fallen to the point they have gone negative at some European banks, but that seemingly hasn’t stopped credit card providers shamelessly upping the interest they charge customers who don’t pay off their bill in full each month.According to data website Moneyfacts, the average rate (APR) for those making credit card purchases hit an eye-watering 24.7% this month – the high...

Australia's slowing economy: how should the government and Reserve Bank respond?

20. Sep 2019 20:00:16 |

Greg Jericho asks three experts what should be done to save the country from recessionWith the unemployment rate rising from 5.0% at the start of the year to 5.3% in August, and the latest GDP figures showing slow growth and the economy going backwards when accounting for population increase, talk is very quickly turning to what can be (or should) be done.There are two policy arms of the economy – fiscal and monetary. The government controls the fiscal side through spending and taxes; the Res...

Charity regulator warns Ucas about marketing loans to students

20. Sep 2019 17:00:07 |

Commission intervenes as Martin Lewis calls on service to stop ‘promoting debt’The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service has been rebuked by the Charity Commission over its role in the marketing of private loans to students and school-leavers, with the regulator warning that Ucas needs to rein in its commercial arm.The commission’s intervention followed direct mail and email marketing sent to students last month by Ucas Media – Ucas’s commercial subsidiary – advertising Future Finance,...

Where did it all go wrong for David Cameron?

20. Sep 2019 02:00:46 |

As the former PM publishes his memoirs, Patrick Wintour tells Anushka Asthana that Cameron’s pursuit of austerity and decision to call an EU referendum sowed the seeds of his demise. Plus, in opinion, George Monbiot on the global climate strikeDavid Cameron announced his intention to resign as prime minister the morning after Britain voted to leave the EU in a referendum he had decided to hold and then lost. It came after years of austerity, his government’s response to the global financial c...

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