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16. Jan 2021 1.1239 1.2588 0.0092 1.0394 0.7415 0.6933 0.6432 0.1079 0.1508 0.1060
15. Jan 2021 1.1239 1.2588 0.0092 1.0394 0.7415 0.6933 0.6432 0.1079 0.1508 0.1060
14. Jan 2021 1.1239 1.2588 0.0092 1.0394 0.7415 0.6933 0.6432 0.1079 0.1508 0.1060
13. Jan 2021 1.1239 1.2588 0.0092 1.0394 0.7415 0.6933 0.6432 0.1079 0.1508 0.1060
12. Jan 2021 1.1239 1.2588 0.0092 1.0394 0.7415 0.6933 0.6432 0.1079 0.1508 0.1060

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Exchange rates in the Forex Market - daily refresh

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Corporate employees working from home are creating a surge in startups | Gene Marks

19. Nov 2020 12:00:12 |

People are creating new businesses at an unprecedented rate. Working from home during the pandemic has accelerated a millennial trendThe pandemic and its lockdowns were supposed to trigger a baby boom – that doesn’t seem to be panning out. But people are starting up new businesses at an unprecedented rate. Related: How do you feel about Trump supporters? The answer impacts your small business | Gene Marks Continue reading...

US jobs market recovery slows amid surge in Covid-19 cases

04. Dec 2020 13:45:50 |

As Congress continues to argue over the size of a new stimulus package, unemployment fell to 6.7%The recovery in the US jobs market collapsed in November as cases of Covid-19 hit new records, government figures revealed on Friday.The US added just 245,000 new jobs in November, less than the 638,000 jobs added in October, the 672,000 jobs added in September and the 1.4m jobs added in August. The unemployment rate fell to 6.7%. Continue reading...

Food delivery firm Doordash valued at $39bn in initial trading in New York

09. Dec 2020 16:56:01 |

Company’s value has soared during coronavirus pandemicProfitless business predicts more losses to come in IPO filingThe food delivery company DoorDash started trading on the New York stock exchange on Wednesday at a price that will value the largely profitless business at over $39bn. Related: Restaurant owners may not like delivery services – but can they do without them? | Gene Marks Continue reading...

Airbnb to make Wall Street debut in $47bn share sale

10. Dec 2020 14:19:58 |

Initial public offering to add billions to founders’ fortunesControversies have failed to dampen investor enthusiasmAirbnb is set to start trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange on Thursday at a price that values the short-term rentals company at over $47bn. Related: Stealth taxes on Uber and Airbnb won't hurt the masses Continue reading...

Bitcoin hits record high over $23,000; US jobless claim surge – business live

17. Dec 2020 16:27:05 |

Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, as hopes of Brexit deal and a US stimulus package drive markets up Latest: Bitcoin is still trading over $23,000Scott Minerd: Bitcoin should be worth about $400,000 Deutsche: currency debasement puts bitcoin in high demandEarlier: US jobless claims leap to 885kBank of England extends cheap loan schemeIntro: Markets rally on hopes of Brexit deal and US stimulusUS dollar hits 2018 low after Fed meeting 4.27pm GMT Bitcoin’s rally shows ...

'There’s nobody here': Covid turns Wall Street into a ghost town

19. Dec 2020 08:00:44 |

Exodus that started after 9/11 has accelerated — and many fear New York’s financial district will not recoverCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage“They used to stand at the bar three deep,” says John Moran, surveying the long, empty counter at Killarney Rose, a Wall Street bar that would, in another era, have been stuffed with early-shift construction workers and, at lunch and late into the evening, suited bankers.The world’s pre-eminent financial thoroughfare – at leas...

'Stressed' millennials are setting the agenda at work

16. Jan 2021 17:00:37 |

Younger employees know what works in the workplace – and that outmoded ways of doing things are bad for our healthA snowflake millennial is tougher than you think, especially in the workplace. They have watched their parents cope with an increasingly insecure jobs market since the turn of the century and in growing numbers told their friends and family that long hours, short term contracts and a shouty boss is not for them.They don’t join trade unions or argue with the boss about a pay rise, ...

Vet bills: how to look after your pet’s health for less

16. Jan 2021 12:00:31 |

With only one in five owners buying insurance, here’s how you can save on costsPets don’t have the luxury of free NHS healthcare if they get sick, and even a minor visit to the vet can bring with it a big bill. Pet insurance offers some protection but only one in five owners buy it, according to the market analysis company Statista, and policies do not cover every expense. Routine treatment, including inoculations, won’t be insured, there is usually an excess to pay on claims and you may need...

No choice but to build reserves despite US monitoring list : RBI Governor

16. Jan 2021 06:58:00 |

The US Treasury in December included India in the currency manipulator watchlist with nine others for one-sided intervention preventing rupee appreciation

The $2,000 stimulus cheques alone won't work – the US needs better infrastructure

15. Jan 2021 06:00:30 |

Only Joe Biden’s $2tn infrastructure plan can create the long-term demand the US economy so badly needsWith the Democrats’ stunning sweep of Georgia’s two Senate run-off elections giving them control of both houses of Congress as of 20 January, the idea of $2,000 stimulus cheques for every household is sure to be back on the agenda in the US. But although targeted relief for the unemployed should unquestionably be a priority, it is not clear that $2,000 cheques for all would in fact help to s...

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