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23. Feb 2020 1.0847 1.2958 0.0090 1.0223 0.7563 0.6622 0.6350 0.1029 0.1452 0.1078
22. Feb 2020 1.0848 1.2958 0.0090 1.0222 0.7563 0.6625 0.6352 0.1029 0.1452 0.1077
21. Feb 2020 1.0849 1.2955 0.0090 1.0222 0.7561 0.6625 0.6349 0.1029 0.1452 0.1077
20. Feb 2020 1.0788 1.2881 0.0089 1.0162 0.7543 0.6613 0.6334 0.1020 0.1444 0.1073
19. Feb 2020 1.0809 1.2920 0.0090 1.0167 0.7561 0.6677 0.6384 0.1022 0.1447 0.1078

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Exchange rates in the Forex Market - daily refresh

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China’s First High-Speed Rail IPO Comes as More Opening Hinted

25. Dec 2019 06:27:03 |

(Bloomberg) -- The operator of China’s high-speed rail line between Beijing and Shanghai kicked off its initial public offering, which will for the first time allow investors to buy shares in what is the world’s largest such network.Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Co., a unit of state-owned China Railway Corp., plans to sell as many as 6.3 billion new shares, or 12.8% of enlarged capital, through the listing in Shanghai, according to its prospectus released Wednesday. Book building for th...

China Vows to Improve Bond Handling as Defaults Hit Record

25. Dec 2019 09:51:50 |

(Bloomberg) -- China’s financial regulators are calling for more transparent and fair handling of defaults to restore investor confidence in the world’s second-largest bond market, after repayment failures hit a record high this year.Senior officials from the central bank, the securities regulatory body, the supreme court and other departments discussed court-mediated dispute resolution concerning bond defaults at a symposium in Beijing on Tuesday, according to a statement posted on the websi...

3 Market-Beating Stocks to Snap Up for 2020

25. Dec 2019 09:57:50 |

How do you beat the market? You take some risks along the way. Naturally, with added risk, as well as greater returns, you open yourself up to potential losses.As we move into 2020, and following a bountiful 2019, it can be hard to tell what the right investment is. Should you pick a stock that has great fundamentals, but for one reason or another has lagged behind the market? Or a beaten-down stock no one has picked up on? That’s one strategy that includes an amount of risk, for sure.Or mayb...

3 Biotech Stocks to Buy as the Sector Heats Up

25. Dec 2019 12:17:34 |

One area of the market that has been gaining steam: biotech stocks. A flurry of deals, FDA approvals, and recent innovations in the biotech space have seen the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index exhibit a quarterly uptick of 24%, easily beating the S&P 500’s 8.3% quarterly gain. The recent surge has helped the sector close the gap on the S&P 500’s stellar 2019, and a 27% year-to-date increase brings it into the realm of the major index’s 29% yearly gain.While earlier in the year, the sector as a whol...

Tesla faces burgeoning threat in US electric-vehicle market

25. Dec 2019 16:53:46 |

Tesla controls about 80 percent of the U.S. battery-electric vehicle market, but Morgan Stanley says its current position is 'unsustainable long term.'

Financial Advisors Put Facebook In Spotlight Amid Stock Upgrade, Cloud Gaming Rumors

25. Dec 2019 17:25:40 |

The US stock market managed to end yet another week well in the green territory as investors digested the Phase One US-China trade deal that is likely to be signed next month and shrugged off the impeachment of President Trump in the House of Representatives. Between December 16 and December 20, the S&P 500 gained […]

The Wait for China to Shake Off Virus Nears Key Moment: Eco Week

23. Feb 2020 03:00:00 |

(Bloomberg) -- Global economists are continuing to grapple with a new and unexpected threat to economic growth, leaving them scrambling to assess how quickly commerce can recover from the impact of the coronavirus.Research by Bloomberg Economics shows China is slowly getting back to work, with the economy running at 50%-60% capacity in the week to Feb. 21 and forecast to jump from Feb. 24. Still, the spread of the virus is starting to ripple into supply chains across the world, and showing up...

Virus Investors Don't Need No (Online) Education

23. Feb 2020 00:00:16 |

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Investors looking for an angle on the coronavirus crisis have naturally landed upon the online education sector in the hopes that tens of millions of quarantined school kids will turn such providers into profit-making machines on par with China’s hottest internet companies.Almost every mainland province and city has pushed back the starting date of the spring term by weeks. Most students haven’t seen the inside of a classroom since Lunar New Year in late January. Not wa...

U.S. Raises Japan Warning as Infections Spread: Virus Update

22. Feb 2020 21:18:02 |

(Bloomberg) -- The U.S. raised its travel warning to Japan as Iran, Italy and South Korea all reported additional deaths from the coronavirus.The spread of the virus outside its origin in China stoked fear that the window to prevent a pandemic may be closing. The World Health Organization, which has a team traveling to the epicenter in Wuhan, said the situation in Iran is “very worrisome” because of the lack of a direct link to China.Cases in northern Italy climbed to 51. Passengers from the ...

Warren Buffett Flashes ‘Urgent’

22. Feb 2020 17:24:21 |

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Warren Buffett says he’s in the “urgent zone.” It’s the folksy billionaire’s way of calling himself old. But even as Buffett approaches 90, the spotlight-loving chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. isn’t ready just yet to talk about who will run his giant company when he’s gone. He still has more to say, and more to do — and that could make for an interesting year ahead.Buffett’s annual letter of intrigue arrived Saturday morning, a roundup of thoughts that the O...

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